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    11A's Chidudemon56

    Hi I am in 3rd Year now and I am aiming to get 11A's in my junior cert.. I study a lot from the start of this year but I still didnt get good results in my Semester Exams Last week.. My timetable for the day is-- My school ends at 3:30 and I start my HW at 5:00, I try get as much HW done my 6:30.. I then study till 8:30/9:00.. I dont know what I am doing wrong and even though I study for hours I am not recieving the grades I want😭 (especially the 3 languages) PLZ need advice😭

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      with the jc your grades tend to improve throughout the year, it takes a while to notice but if your consistent and test yourself using the marking scheme you should be fine. good luck

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      Is my timetable ok?

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      do you study at weekends? I mean all the time, not just before tests.

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      Yeah your timetable is good just remember to take breaks, exercise frequently and eat healthier... Physical health is related to brain health

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      My school ends at 11:30 on Friday but dont study that day and not much on Saturday as weel bcause I go grinds and on Sunday I study

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      3 languages is a bit much

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      Sineadsweet15 it's not his choice, like myself. I study English, Irish and French?

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      he probably isnt counting english or irish, I do english,irish, french and german. Maybe he does the same

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      You have a really good timetable if you use your time effectively. Last year when I did the junior cert, I started homework at 6 and didn't finish until 10 and then began to study, so you really are fortunate to have the time. Do you feel that you are procrastinating or is it that it's just a lot of work to learn in such a short amount of time. If its procrastination, then before your study write about 3 aims down, e.g. practice simultaneous equations, revise Irish grammar and fgo over a couple of people in historys. Give each of these a time slot and work hard on achieving your goals, don't cut into the time of another subject as you always have the next day to revise or you could study until 9:30. If its that you don't have enough time, you honestly do! It might feel that the mocks and the junior cert are coming quickly, but just stop and think that realistically you have 6 months. I recommend that you might go over exam papers and wrote out predictions, definite topics every couple of years and things that haven't come up in a while. Also have a look at what is happening right now since they are writing the papers currently. If you do this, you'll realise that there are a few things on the course that you can cut out, which will save you time from learning pointless things

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      Thanks a lot..

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      What results did you get in your exams at the end of 2nd year?

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      I got 8as and 3bs

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