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    3 weeks till Summer Exams!!! Freaking out about my future Christy

    I'm not in 3rd year yet - (2nd)

    and I'm really worried about the junior cert. i also don't know what i want to be when i'm older and I keep having a really bad panic attacks. My summer exams are also in only three weeks and my English teacher is also my history C.S.P.E and class head!! she puts a ton of pressure on us and i really don't think i can cope :/

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      don't worry about it. Don't mind your English teacher she probably just wants to make sure that ye understand the importance of the JC but once you get into third year keep the head down and do your study. do not stress yourself out , that will not help you in any way so just do your bit of study every night from the beginning of the year and by the time that the junior cert comes around you will be well ready for it. If your second year exams don't go great just think that next year you can make up for it and do better :) and don't worry about your career choice!! your only in second year! most people don't know what they want to do until 5th or 6th year. If you decide to do ty you will get to do work experience and see what you like. you will be fine and just remember its only the junior cert so if it doesn't go as planned its not the end of the world :)

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      Exactly if you think about it the JC doesn't count for ANYTHING! Its not even going to be around in a few years! Its basically just preparing you for the LC but when you're older and looking for a job none of the employers are going to care about your JC results. And I agree with meabh014 ignore your teacher she's just trying to make sure ye get your work done just put your head down when you get into 3rd year and study and you'll be more than well prepared for the JC. Also stressing yourself out in 2nd year over the JC is not going to help at all. Just calm down and study and you'll be grand :)

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      if you start worrying about it now, youll have lost interest by the time it actually comes xD enjoy the end of second year, you'll miss it when its over and youll think about how you wasted time worrying about summer exams :) YOULL DO GREAT HUN

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      I agree with what's being said. I look back on my past summer/xmas exams and think, they're way different to what I think I'm going to get in the JC, and way different to what I got for my mocks. You'll be fine. You don't even need to study much for the 2nd year summer tests

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      aleeha ali

      yeah same mine only few weeks hopefully ill do good just keep calm and study and be calm thats what i do!:)

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      Thanks to everyone who replied, you all really helped with my stress now i feel better about my summer exams let alone the JC thanks for the kind words it reeeaaalllyyy helped!!!! @meabh014 @aoife654321 @elf @mysticmaniac @aleehaali

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