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    4 weeks away Sarah2014

    I don't have time to complete all study notes on each chapter of the book in each subject. for the four weeks should I just concentrate on doing exam papers and look at the book if necessary? or should I continue studying from the book and do exam papers after studying a topic? thanks :)

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      you should try and do exam questions. note the things you struggle to remember and then study them from our book

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      ok cool thanks so much :) Im starting to do exam papers on sheets of paper (my own answers) and then I am comparing them with the correct answers. I am writing the correct answers into the exam papers but this takes up so long. have you got any advice I could use instead of doing this method?

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      I have written out a schedule, try to do 3-4 topics a day spending around 20 mins on each one. I write it out on pages and then just correct what I have written instead of writing it out again

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      oh right do you do 2-3 topics of the same subject or different subjects? sorry for so many questions!

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      Different subjects. I try to do maths everyday and languages, then prioritise the other subjects by which ones i struggle with

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      ok thank you so much :) good luck!

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