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    48 hours to go theprocrastinator

    I'm really trying to get as close to the 12A's as possible. I've been studying a good bit but does anyone have study/ cramming tips to get as much benefit out of the last few days as possible? Any suggestions at all would be appreciated!

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      Basically BRAINSTORM FOR PAST EXAM QUESTIONS and then LOOK at the marking scheme or what you know is right!!

      How much are you studying each day?

      What your study plan for tomorrow??

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      Some subjects you can predict for like History or Business. Learn the topics which are likely to come up. Geography, learn aerial photo/map question well. English, study Personal Writing and your studied drama/poetry/novel. Irish, be familiar with your studied filíocht/prós, letter layouts, ceapadóireacht etc.

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      you should by now have condensed notes on flash cards or as key words or mind maps or whatever ... just revise them and if u see something you don't fully understand revise it in your book and then go back to your condensed notes until you find another topic you dont understand.... also familiarise yourself with question types

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      Ive been studying all day everyday since Thursday. My study plan is:

      English: Revise quotes for Romeo and Juliet and also notes. Revise poetry notes. Revise fiction quotes and notes (Of Mice and Men)

      Maths: Constructions, Theorems and do difficult questions from paper 1 and paper 2 (focus on paper 1 for now)

      *Tip: learn all of the constructions and theorems. Ask a family member to pick out one theorem and one construction. This will test if you really know them all.

      Irish: Listen to recording of myself saying off my prepared essays, pros, filiocht, unseen filiocht prepared answers, letter opening and closing phrases. Do the family member thing again and try write out one of the essays, poems and pros. Grade myself and repeat to try and get a better grade and to make sure I have learned the mistakes made in the first test.

      Geography: Give a general look through the book, focusing on industry and case studies. Throw an eye over the ariel photograph questions and pick an exam paper (example 2009) and see if I can do it and grade myself.

      Science: Give a special revision on Electricity, bonding and the chemical formulas (my problem chapters) Do the chemistry and physics sections of a few papers and learn off my mistakes by heart. (write them each out three times)

      History: Learn George Washington, Archaeologist and Child in Ancient Rome essays) Quickly re-revise The Revolutions and then read through past papers Question 6d to revise WW2 and International relations. I'm not really bothering with Irish history, we didn't even get the course finished and it's too fresh in my head. I would not be comfortable relying on it for section 6!

      German: Look through notes. Remember to put capital letters on nouns (My one weakness!!!) Learn off my ''show off phrases'' example: 'Das ist nicht mein Bier.' or 'Wenn Ich Zeit hatte, spielte ich Fussball.' (When I had time, I played football) Give a quick look over post card notes and try to get my head around ein/eine tables (Still confusing me at this stage) Would I lose a lot of marks by kind of ignoring the ein/eine tables and just guessing? I have about a 70% understanding but I keep forgetting if the nouns are M/F/NT! Very frustrating ...

      Business: Attempt a club account (our teacher said she felt that the Accumulated Fund would come up for us) so give a good look over all that jazz. Trading P+L and Balance sheet (***Depreciation goes in Less expenses***) I'm always making the mistake of leaving out the depreciation!

      Give a look over the ratios for business and also 'The Consumer' (our teacher said she thought that was also due up this year) ... Thats bad news for me since I was out when they did that chapter!!! Oh well...

      Music: Leaving that to the last few days (Set songs, set works, chocie songs, choice works, Irish music, general study and essay question preparations)

      CSPE: Have a cup of tea and a biscuit (the best way to study CSPE) ;)

      Religion: I absolutely hate religion and don't really care about it to be honest, but nevertheless I still want to do well ... Look over Judaism, ritual, morality and that whole: atheist, fundamentalist chaper. Learn a few Ghandi quotes or something to throw into the essay for decoration.

      Art: Finished project thank God, and the exam is already done.

      Study ritual: Get up at 10:30 get dressed and eat good breakfast. 10:55 - listen to eye of the tiger or 7 nation army to get motivated and fully wake up. 11-12:30 study study study. 12:30-1 log onto studyclix and practise a few questions (write this to get me focused for the day) 1-2 Study Study Study 3-4 Break (food lol) 4-8 study 8-10 watch movies on putlocker and eat haha Sleep from 11 to 10:30 REPEAT. Cant wait for this to just be over. :)

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      study person

      Wow you will get 12 As following that regime....wish I could stick to all my plans, Im just focusing on problem chapters and case studies like you said...I really hope I get an A in art cause its unreal the amount of work needed for the project isn't it! but i suppose I should be glad I have at least one of my exams finished already. Good luck with all that study and in the exams!!:):)

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      Thanks so much best of luck to you too! We can do this!! :) I know art is unbelievable the amount of work and time spent on it!

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      Hi all, are you going studying tomorrow?? Should I try and do a quick 4-5 hour study session broken up into short bursts, a long early session, or nothing at all tomorrow??? Thank!!!

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      I don't time how long I study for. I study til I think I've done enough and gotten enough information into my head.

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