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    Best way to study for the mocks? roisin_spriggs

    Any tips on how to study For the mocks??? 😁

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      hey... im doing my junior cert this year and i had the same problem but here is a few tips to help you along:

      1. organise your study area so you wont get distracted easily

      2. put your phone on silent so your notifications wont annoy you

      3. take regular breaks every 15-20 minutes so you wont get tired and leave

      4. repetition is the key so try o make flashcards for yourself to help you memorise things online sites such as and help you achieve this.

      5. start studying with your favourite subject first and then continue on with harder ones

      6. dont study for hours do 5 minutes tonight 10 tomorrow 15 the next night and so on..........

      hopethis helps you it helped me >_<

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      Thanks :)

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      Have u started studying properly for the mocks because I haven't and Im not sure what to do I don't have much time left and I think it will be hard to do everything in 3 weeks what's everyone else doing?

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      I did my mocks last year and I recommend if you study the hard subjects first.

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      Thanks tara2013. I've been tipping away so far but just wanted to know if anyone had any good tips. Mine aren't until after few midterm though so it's not so bad Ellen_m99 good luck 😊

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      No prob :) has your teachers finished most of the course yet? If so , after you have revised each chapter do exam papers and then give them to your teacher to correct👌😎

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      revising for english any tips?

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      Revise your novel, studied poetry and studied drama- from paper 2 and then do exam papers:) try and write the answer to time that has been allocated and then give them to your teacher to correct👌😎

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      Thanks som much! #lifesaver

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      I got my timetable for my mocks today and it's in 2 weeks and I'm really scared because i haven't done much study for it 😢 does anyone else feel like the same?

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      I'm nervous too but remember, say if you know you are giving up history (just an example!) for the leaving cert, don't put all your effort into learning dates and everything. its better to keep the more important subjet's (maths, english, science etc.) grade high and having your history grade drop....I'm not saying don't study it at all but don't stress over it or go into as much detail as you would for more important subjects.

      hope you get what I'm saying.....good luck!

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      Maybe try revision books like revise wise, but don't worry too much. Just do your best. If you're really worried maybe ask a teacher stuff or talk to your guidance councillor :)

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      if you know everything in revise wise for every subject should u be ok???

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      I'd say so treasamcguire54. For most subjects anyways... You need to do your "seen" stuff for English and Irish yourself... They don't cover them... :)

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      The revise wise books do really good notes for the language subjects👌but I personally thought the science and business one wasn't great :)

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      Hey róisín ;) ;)

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      Hey aine ;)

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      Thanks wardah... Hola...

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      I'd be able to find ye anywhere :')

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      thanks so much for these tips - mine start on the 4th which is the earliest they have ever been! 1 full week to study! Better start somewhere but I defiently agree with studying the hardest and toughest first :))

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      Dont worry roisin, not a stalker...i just like to socialize 😂

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      Good luck makeupgirl!!!😊

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      Oh my god makeupgirl.. They're so early... Mine aren't until after midterm... 😱 good luck!

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      I have mine next week but I begin with that means ill study history

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