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    Best ways to study for people in history questions ] Christy

    Hey Guys! My history teacher is a legend! and she gave us tips on how to study for people in History questions. Here's a few..............

    Fish-bone diagrams: They help a lot!!!! I personally use them the most. If you don't know what they are look it up on Google :)

    Bullet point: I'm not a fan of bullet points.. but yeah i guess they can work

    Brainstorms: I love brainstorms they are my second favorite after fish-bone diagrams of course. If you don't know what they are again i'd advise you Google them!

    Time-lines: I never personally use them but I hear they can be quite effective!

    And finally the one i find funniest.....

    Recording yourself: I personally haven't tried it but a few girls in my class (all girls school) have said it really helps! I'll explain this one: it's where you record yourself saying the most important points or facts or stories etc on your phone i-pod i-phone tablet etc and then when you go to sleep you put your recording on re-peat and put on you earphones and listen to yourself

    So I hope this helped! I guess.. Look up the methods I have not explained (if you want)

    Bye- Christiana 2nd yr student

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      thanks :)

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      FLASH CARDS: Do out flash cards for each PIH, with only 9 points on each card

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      Hey Guys...

      Here is a discuss page in which i have attached files with essays about people in history. These essays are written by me so I don't mind if someone copies the exact same words into there exam.

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