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    Do you really need to study for three hours every night? :( Rebecca :)

    So there's only about 7 school weeks left until the summer and then the JC. I got mostly C's in my mocks but History did not go to well as I failed it. Even thought I failed it i still dont want to study it because I find it boring an hard to understand! any tips? Anyway, Most of my teachers say we should study every night but we still have a lot of homwork and they expect us to study during the week and on weekends (i think we should be left with no homework on weekends to focus on study). So how much should I really be studying since its this close?

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      Lucan bohs

      Homework counts as study

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      Cora ❤

      You don't really need to study for 3 hours every night! Of you find history hard then you should probably try to study that the most! But if its boring make it fun!!! Like learn off information like lyrics to your favourite song? Maybe that would help!!! It also depends what kind of way you take in information, whether its orally or visually :)

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      Nope and yes homework does count

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      studying is as good or as bad as u make it to be. Like when you study dont just grumble and give out about how its just a waste of time or whatever, because negative thoughts will get you nowhere. When you study history, just sit down, give it socks and think of how after the JC, you will never have to look at a history book again (im assumin ur not gonna pick history for the leavin). Just concentrate, go through it with a positive attitude and just try ur best because if your not goin to be doin it after the JC it doesnt really matter anyway

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