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    Friends help MakeupGirl

    Can I ask something? I have 3 proper friends (im from Dublin city btw!) Theres one thats my bestest and i hang out wit her everyday. Most weekends usually in the summer my bestest goes with another of my friends somewhere could be shopping , cinema, sleepovers,concerts,shows or something like that and then completely keep it a secret from me?? Then when it slips she changes the subject. Im not being hoggy over her its just back in 1st year she was soooooo super super shy and im after bringing her out of her shell 100 percent. Then wenever we wanna go somewhere like Wrights she goes ''nahh its boring'' because she looks pudgy in dresses!! How do i get revenge......nicely?? Its effecting me studies becuase she rings every night to get the homework (irish) off me.

    I feel like im invisible but not when its present giving time or needing homwork....:((

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      I guess make a decision about what you value more in life: education and doing well in exams, or friendship? If they're getting in the way of each other, then prioritise on just one of them.

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      Thanks :)

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      In my should seriously talk to her about this. Just tell her that its bothering you. But your exams are more important at the moment so you may need to focus on them. If she still continues to ignore you about these things then she is probably not worth it.

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      You need to stop giving her the homework as she is just using you.. If you stand up to her you will find out if she is a real friend or not... Don't be afraid... The worst she can do is stop giving you presents if she is ignoring you anways... Hope this helps

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      Exactly. Never give her your homework. Otherwise she is just using you. You know yourself that you are better than her as you have the courage to deal with this issue. people like her may not be worth your time.

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      she is just using you to get homework and presents......... if she really was your bestie then she would give you an opinion on where ye should go TOGETHER

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      if she is causing you too much stress then shes not worth it!!!! give her a taste of her own medicine and ignore her and if she wants to go somewhere say 'nah its boring'' and ring her for homework (even if you dont need it) and if she calls for homework say you don't know and hang up............................... hope this helps and remember the golden rule

      if they are true friends they'd do ANYTHING for you

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      thanks a million everyone iv'e sorted these problems...

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