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    HELP I need help making a study routine for the jc and how to stick to it! meghanquirke

    I ave 8 weeks till the junior cert, I did good in the pres but I want to get a grade higher for most of them and feel I can do it if I get studying now, problem is I'm always just making up excuses not to study and I can't get motivated to do it, I really need help making a study routine and how to stick to it! I know myself that if I don't start now ill get really stressed out closer to the junior cert! Help please - Meghan :)

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      I am doing the jc too.It is smart to make a plan.What i do is i write out all the chapters and topics (e.g..exploration(hist.),soils(geo) onto a page.Then I start on my timetable.I really suggest that you make it realistic ,don't say u will study 7hrs every night if u will not!Make a timetable e.g.) a science chapter every 2 nights but be specific-dont just say "study science" .Leave space for breaks but don't go over them!!! Also, drink plenty of water while you study. I can honestly say that the best type of study you can do is to test yourself and learn from mistakes.Do the questions at the end of every chapter and do exam questions!!I also exercise for an hour about twice a week,i play gaelic but you can just go for a walk.I can learn may more after exercise.Hope this helped!u can do it!!!

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