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    History Predictions??. Help! Galway2014


    My teacher is predicting that Age of Exploration/Revolutions are on Q5, Industrial Britain/Reformation on 6A....

    ANY TIPS???? I dunno should I stick with this, or what?

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      Yes, those are the 2 most likely topics to come up. There's a chance of 18th century Britain/Ireland coming up as well for Q5.

      For Q6A, Renaissance, 18th century Britain or Reformation may come up. Don't worry too much bout 6A though, because this is an optional question.

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      Hi, I have only revised upto and including the Famine, and social changes...... Will I be prepared for the exam?

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      Well for Q4, try to predict what people in history are likely to come up by looking at past exams, and study them. I hope archeologist, ancient civilization or plantations come up for Q4, and I think that's quite likely


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      For Q5, if you know Exploration/Revolutions/18th century Britain, you're safe. For the Revolution, you only really need to know bout 1 revolution but it helps if you know about 2 or 3.

      Q6, if you're good for 6A which it seems like you are pretty much, and you're good for another 1 or 2 of 6B, 6C and 6D, you're good. Be careful with social change though, it's harder to get marks than you think.

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      Hi, I've about 6 PIH learned by heart, and for social history, I know you really have to make the CHANGE really obvious to get marks, I think role of women and transport and communications will be up for social history.

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      Should I revise International Relations too?? I have just revised for 5,6A, social.... Should I do a quick fire Revison of International relations, just In case??

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      I would advise you too do Q6 B because it is always social change and always the same type of questions like 'change in entertainment since 1940' its really easy to get the 30 marks in.

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      Does anyone know how i could study for Q5 and what people in historys to learn?

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      Is irish history a definite question? :(

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      Cultural movements in Ireland maybe?

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      @Jasmine - Apparently, Social Change is hardest to get marks in. I think it's cus ppl assume it's really easy and don't prepare properly

      @Elginmc - For Q6, 6B is Social Change in Ireland 20th century, and 6C is Political Development in Ireland 20th century. 6D is International Relations. 6A changes every year. So Irish history is definite for Q6, B and C.

      @Galway - I'd say be familiar with 6C or 6D as well, as questions come up for Pictures, Documents, Short Questions etc. and in case you think 6B is too hard for you on the day

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