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    How much study over Christmas? glynnkeara

    How much study should a Junior Cert be doing each day over Christmas?

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      I do at least two hours a day (excluding hw) and I still don't think that's enough

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      Don't worry about the hours you put in, just emphasise on realistically what you want to cover on that day for e.g instead of saying i will study 3 hours a day, say what you want to get done for e.g 2 chapters in science 1 chapter in Geography. ALWAYS REMEMBER EXAM PAPERS

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      It depends on how you're doing in all your subjects. If you feel you might be in trouble for the mocks, study more. If there's a certain subject you think you'll be in trouble for the mocks, study that subject more etc. Also, I agree with saif. Focus on what you've studied instead of the amount of time you've studied, but make sure to study chapters fully

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