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    How to split up study time? Rebecca :)

    Im in JC and i'm just looking for any tips to split up study during the week without going over an hour :) ANY TIPS?

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      Hi Rebecca,

      remember you don't have to do every subject every day. Often it is good to start with a subject you like to get you going and then turning to your least favourite subject second. It is also a good idea to study very different subjects one after the other so if you have just done 20mins of Irish you would be best to avoid doing another language and better to do some Maths or Science. Remember also that the homework your teachers gives you is helping you learn also. At this stage of the year there is no point in memorising things so your study should involve making good revision notes for yourself and understanding the material. It will be then much easier to learn it later in the year. Best of Luck


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