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    I can't remember anything! Rburke96

    hi, with the mocks drawing near, i thought i was pretty prepared, but when i go and test myself on topics the day after i learn them, i cant seem to remember anything! what happens if this happens on the day of my mocks!? any tips/tricks to help you remember stuff?


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      Make small notes about the chapter

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      Don't use big long complicated sentences in your notes and make flashcards!

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      Go through exam questions and if come across one you can't answer make notes on that topic and then answer the question.

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      Definately make flash cards..they help a lot. Also highlight key words with a highlighter and remember them. You can then expand on each point once you remember the key words.

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      the flash cards really helped, thx guys....only 5 more exams to go!

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      i just made notes and sample answers and then summarised them with one word each sentence so i know what to write about

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