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    I'm really worried...have I left it too late? TheHorg

    Guys, I'm only starting to study for the JC now! (Like today 5th of January) I feel soooo stupid! I didn't realise the mocks are only a month away! I should have studied over Christmas! I'm actually on the verge of crying! When did you start studying? Is too late, have I left it too long? Ugh I'm so annoyed at my self!!!

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      Danni :)

      The best thing that i can suggest you do is go over exam paper questions and study what you found difficult or couldn't answer. Try not to stress yourself to much over the mocks. Remember its not the actual JC. At the end of the day no college is going to be lookig for your JC mock exam results. Hope this helps and Good luck :)

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      Hi TheHorg, Don't panic just yet. Lots of students will only fet serious about study after Christmas. It's better to start now than and you still have the best part of 6 months before the main exams. Try study for the next month and then use your mocks to highlight which subjects/ topics you think need extra work. Check out some of our blogposts before you start on how to study effectively. Maybe start with this one Best of luck!

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      hi TheHorg, im in the same situation myself...over christmas all i did was do my homework. i did no study at all and now im really worried... after commin back from the christmas holidays people in my class were saying what they studied and made revision notes on...they showed me all the notes and chapters they revised and now im kicking myself because i done nothing:( i dont no what to do... anybody got any advice on how long to study each evening after homework is done? tnx

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      Hey, dont worry!You'll be absolutely fine, im in the leaving cert and im only starting proper study now too :) and if you have a plan(make one for each day you want to study, and be specific about it, eg: History;the renaissance or english; Seamus Heaney etc.)you'll be absolutely fine.Orginisation is key.But don't go too hard on yourself or you'll give up soon!Take a break every hour/half hour and do something fun :D then treat yourself only afterwards with tv or going out or eating something nice or doing something you enjoy :) relax and be organised and you will be absolutely fine...good luck! x

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      hey im only startin now too!! were all in the same boat here, dont worry, just set out a timetable and study the most important parts, youll be grand ;) listen to the teachers, theyll repeat something if they think itll come up in the mock :)

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      I havent started yet, the night before will do ;)

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      haha for CSPE on the day(half hour you get before the exam)is me A with it..but that's CSPE..don't do this for any other subject..obviously!

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      pombear, to be fair more effort is needed for the Action Report which is worth 60% of the entire result. Half the marks on the paper are given to you

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      i havent even started my CSPE action project yet... ahh well its only CSPE :)

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      sorry of course you do have to do that too, but you don't really need to study cspe..only need to know like who's the preseident and taoiseach etc..common sense really.but even the action report is easy as long as you put a bit of effort into it as you said.sorry for the misunderstanding!

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      no need for sorry, cspe is a near guarantee pass anyway :)

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      I'm only starting my studying now and i'm so stress out because people are expecting me to do well because i'm a higher level student and i'm scared of failing and letting people down :(

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