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    LAST DAY OF STUDY!!!!! Galway2014

    Hi, What should I do on Tuesday?? (LAST DAY OF STUDY!!) Should I do a quick blitz of all subjects, or sleep in, or relax, or focus on problems, or nothing??

    Thanks!! :)

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      Personally, I would read through your notes and revise things like poems. Just dont stress yourself out trying to cram everything in, you know what you know at this stage! Take it easy and relax but do revise a little bit!

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      Yeah Kestell is right revise little pieces of English that you may forget . I'm getting nervous now :0

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      Don't be nervous! You'll do fine once you have studied. Good Luck everybody!! :) Soon, we will be on our holidays! 2 weeks and we're free! Just look forward to that1

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