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    Mock JC Results moho

    Hi ,want to know hpw everyone did - and is my maths mark good? can anyone who got an A give me advice? Also I know my English isnt too bad, but can anyone offer me some advice on it?

    English 69%

    Irish 83%

    Maths 77%

    History 86%

    Geography 78%

    C.S.P.E. 98%

    Religion 92%

    Spanish 87%

    Science 93%

    Business 82%

    Tech Graph 87%

    Thanks, much appreciated

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      You did really well in your mocks well done :) There isn't much study you can do for maths just make sure you have a log table and know all your theorems and constructions! You should also look over algebra(if you can) and co-ordinate geometry because they come up in at least 1 paper every year. For English practise as much exam questions as you can because thats the best way of studying English for me. Other than that just know the key themes and quotes from the poems, novel and drama that you studied good luck I'm sure you'll do fine :)

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      Well done! 69% being your lowest result is very impressive, especially for the mocks. I'd say for English, just make sure to study every section as you must answer all of them. Make sure to know quotes from studied stuff and the storylines/themes etc for your studied stuff, and make sure you know how to answer well on unseen questions. Also, Personal Writing is a massive 70 points, so for Paper 1 that is by far the most important

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      study person

      Hey, wow you did really good, not much room for improvement!!!..I got four Bs and 8 As but I don't do a few of your subjects. I'd definitely learn a template and layouts for things like a formal letter and reviews in English. If you've ever done a really good essay, learn excerpts that marked well from it and incorporate it into your personal writing in the exam as its worth a lot, as mentioned^^^ For maths learn all theorems and constructions, they're easy marks, and case studies are key in Geography....hope that helps

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      Emma Worrall

      Wow thoose are really good marks for english just know how too answer long questions and reading comprehentions also learn formats of eassays and letters.

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      11ND - CCM

      They are some class results :) just do what everyone has already said and it's gonna be a great JC for you ;)

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      My mock results are...









      home ec-89%


      can anyone give me some tips for the math and irish exam, i'm pretty disappointed with my results.

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      Wow well done those are really good results :) Look at my above comment for tips on maths^^^^as I said there isn't much you can do. For Irish learn your poems and stories and know your tenses.e.g.Aimsir Caite, Aimsir Láithreach, etc. I'm sure you will do really well based on those results :) Good luck

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      For Irish, make sure to learn your format, intro and ending for your letter. Also, for your story, you can learn it and try to change your story in the exam a bit to fit the question asked. Learn your prós and filíocht well

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      Any tips for history ?

      Maths 55

      Irish 82

      English 75

      Spanish 73

      Religion 84 ughhhh

      Science 79

      Geography 75

      History 61

      Art 94

      Home ec 94

      Cspe 93

      All higher level

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      Make sure you're familiar with modern Irish history, from 1912 to 1922 especially, since it's the 1916 centenary

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      You did very good in your mocks. You probably did better than me because I did not study for them (sorry if I seem a bit of a smart ass or self-centred there)

      English - 71%

      Irish - 72%

      Maths - 49%

      French - 51%

      History - 81%

      Geography - 66% (my lowest mark ever for it)

      Music - 64%

      Business studies - 61% (my lowest mark ever for this too)

      CSPE - 89%

      Science - 52%

      Mine are all HL except History and English.

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      English - 79

      Maths - 82

      Science - 78

      Business - 93

      Spanish - 97

      CSPE - 100

      Geography - 87

      Irish - 91

      History - 78

      Music - 82

      I know these are still decent results but I do want to push some of my B's into A's specifically Science and English. Any tips?

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      Your results are so good! I studied a lot for my mock and my highest was 77% in geography!! 😭 my maths I got 57% and science I got 45% I did awful!! I'm trying to make a study plan and start studying!! I can't give you any advice as you got higher than me in everything I'm sure your exams in June will go great!!

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      Suitcasey114 How did you study for spanish?That is such a good result! Highest in my class was 76 and she speaks spanish fluently!

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      The fact that I beat a native speaker makes me so proud but laugh so hard,haha.But in all honesty,I just did a crap load of tapework,learned off a few phrases for the letter eg si tienes tiempo,escribime pronto con tus noticias.I also used duolingo a bit to nail some small vocab.Our teacher did say though that our mocks were marked pretty easily,so in all honesty I may have only got about 90 (I say only) or thereabout

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      my best advice to show off your english is by either reading a book and writing down nd looking up all the new words or word u dont understand(its best to write down meanings of the first ten u come by each time) and the other wy is using a dictionary. all u hav to do is go thru the first page thn see if u didnt know some of the words. take 5 each day and write the meaning down.this means tht u will hv learned 35 new words each week. this is the most effective way i hav come across so far.

      also use as many quotations as possible but dnt use the same one more thn once and try to use about 2-4+ quotes per paragraph.(my friend writes way too less like around 3 sentences per para. but she always uses her quotes effectively and for the mocks she got 5/5 for all her parags tht were only really worth 2-3 marks without her quotes.)

      another very important tip is to always link your parags to each other so tht if u forget words Q thn ur links cud get u tht mark u lost.

      these tips have all either came from my teacher or a very close family friend who used to correct IELTS exams for adults

      hope this will help most of u for june

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      I got 92% in maths, some advice is that if you dont understand a question at first skip it and come back to it at the end. You dont want to waste time panicking about it. When you move on and get your brain working more it will become easier. You may just need to read the question in a different way to understand what to do.You need to be careful of the timings. Dont spend more time on a 10 mark question than a 30 mark question. Good Luck!

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      Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

      Maths - 90

      Irish - 68

      English - 74

      French - 91

      German - 87

      Business - 81

      History - 92

      Geography - 89

      Religion - 58

      CSPE - 88

      Science - 86

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      English was by far my worst subject in the mock. I got 53%. For paper 1, I only answered Section 1 and 2 and for paper 2, I only answered the Studied questions and the Unseen drama. This was due to timing which I still struggle with. Any tips?

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      French 87%

      English 70%

      Irish 81%

      Geography 96%

      Music 80%

      History 80%

      Math 40%

      Business 65%

      Science 65%

      Any tips to improve on Maths, Business and Science?

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      English - 71%

      Irish- 46%

      Maths- 63%

      Geography - 85%

      History- 80%

      Business- 71%

      German - 58%

      CSPE - 93%

      Science- 52%

      All higher level

      Any tips to improve on Irish and German as foreign languages are my weaknesses ?

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      Annie my thread HL Tips from Sryan Bruen is filled with Irish tips!!!

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      omg you all did so gud.......Is moho doing all hl because those are really impressive results.

      for moli I did pretty bad in sci, bus and maths and maybe hist. Take a luk,

      Maths --- 58%

      Science---66%(really disappointing)(any thoughts on improving physics)

      Business ---84%(Y'al may think this is pretty gud but my teacher is just lazy and prob just let me pass)(I am horrible...hints pls it is d only one I need that A in)

      Geography--87%(studied the weekend before it lol)

      English---80%(so disappointed needed to do more pqe and get better at functional writing..hints)

      French---66%(I got help from those who already did the mock paper...I am horrible at listening an chance I culd be a fluent French speaker by nxt wk Tuesday)


      History--74%(ugh...any hints on what may come up)

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      Carolina you did pretty bad? Those are EXTREMELY GOOD. Look at my results again and see....

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      yeah but I got mostly Bs I think the mock was easier than any of the exam papers I have seen

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      I am using YOUR geography predictions to study so I would say you are studying better so you will hopefully pass

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      Science: 72%

      English: 76%

      CSPE: 90%

      Geography: 77%

      Woodwork: 85%

      Business: 75%

      Maths: 78%

      Irish: 72%

      French: 80%

      History: 63%

      I want to improve on Maths, English and Business the most. I know what to do for all the other ones.

      I want 10 As haha so even if I got As only in the 3 mentioned above I'd be so happy. Pls help

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      I don't see what you have to improve beside History John? Like the highest mark I ever got in Maths was only 76%. You people should be happy with your results OMG especially compared to my awful ones.

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      I know but I have high hopes and yours aren't even that bad, a simple but of revision and you've got all Bs. I'm hoping to impress my mom and dad because there's a bit of cash in it for me ;)

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      Best way to revise maths p2?

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      My mock results are as follows:

      Irish - 70%

      English - 80%

      Maths - 91%

      History - 95%

      Geography - 98%

      Science - 79%

      C.S.P.E. - 98%

      Art - 88%

      German - 89%

      Business - 99%

      These are all higher level except C.S.P.E. which is obviously common level.

      Just a quick question does nearly everyone do religion because in my school we do religion but not as an exam subject.

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      No, I don't Rocky. It is a non-exam subject in my school too and I did not want to do it so they let me drop it. During the two Religion classes then, I did extra Maths and extra English with a resource teacher which helped me a lot.

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      No we don't do religion in our school.

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      So I only did better than you in Irish Rocky? I really need to get me act together holy shit.

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      in the mocks I was actually very disappointed with my results in Irish I normally get 90%+ but the grammer, the unseen poetry and the unseen pros were quite difficult. Also I felt they marked the eachtra very hard as I got 31/50 but my teacher looked at it and said I should have got at least 40/50

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      Hey, just coming across this thread now as a third year student. When did you all start studying for the mocks? I'm currently studying and cramming a lot of stuff and generally worried in case I won't get everything covered in time.

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      Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

      Only started studying in mid-January. @weebtrash

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      @Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Woah! Your results were amazing considering that. I'm feeling a little more at ease now.

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      Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

      I guess and I improved from those again in June so you'll be grand. @weebtrash

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      I wouldn't worry too much about the mock results. The mocks are there to give you a practise run regarding time management and the exam layout (e.g how much time to spend on each question).

      When studying for the mocks, and certainly when studying for the Junior Cert, I would definitely try to obtain information from different sources because sometimes the textbook does not have as much information as it should for certain topics. For example, this website has very useful study notes and great study tips that you should check out!

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      those of yous who did the mocks already could yous please tell me what can up for some of the subjects e.g irish geography history etc.

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      My Mock Results are: English:49% Irish:62%. Maths:32%(Really bad). Science:47%. Homec:32%(Very bad). Religion:74% C.S.P.E:61%. I'm still waiting on Business,History and Geography.

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      English: 89 (no idea)

      Irish: 50 (Murphy's Law)

      Maths: 79

      French: 74

      German: 59 (listening comp...)

      Business: 85

      Geography: 93

      Science: 83 (damn Chemistry)

      CSPE: 94

      Still waiting on History.

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      Cspe: 99

      Maths: 97

      Home ec: 95

      Science: 92

      Business: 91

      French: 82

      Irish: 82

      English: 69 (didn't get it done)

      Still waiting on art

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      anyone have any advice for getting an A in religion? only one out of 13 I'm struggling with! :D

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