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    Mocks Soon keira525

    My mocks start in less than two weeks and I feel like I know nothing. Any tips on how to to study a lot in such little time?? Thank you :)

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      hey... im doing my junior cert next week and i had the same problem but here is a few tips to help you along:

      1. organise your study area so you wont get distracted easily

      2. put your phone on silent so your notifications wont annoy you

      3. take regular breaks every 15-20 minutes so you wont get tired and leave

      4. repetition is the key so try o make flashcards for yourself to help you memorise things online sites

      5. start studying with your favourite subject first and then continue on with harder ones

      6. dont study for hours do 5 minutes tonight 10 tomorrow 15 the next night and so on..........

      hopethis helps you it helped me >_<

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      junior cert mocks*

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      Thank you! :D

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