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    Mocks? karlb5620

    Hey guys just wondering how the mocks went for all yous, I haven't done mine yet :D

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      I have 12 out the 15 done and they are not too bad but I would say definetly listen to what your teachers say may come up

      Overall they time in the exam goes really quick especially exams with essay questions :D

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      makeupgirl, you do 15 subjects!!!!!!! in my school we do 11 and i have a friend in another school who only does 9! ive never heard of 15 before!!!

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      if its like me then its 15 exams including 2 papers in some subjects

      I have 12 of 15 exams done too, yeah time goes really quick in some, but its good practice cus then u know what its like for the real thing

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      thanks guys :)

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      ive 13 in total but ive only done 9

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      oh your counting the second papesr ohhh alright that makes sense ohhh then i have 14 exams altogether and I've done 10 out of 14 :)

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      ive done 14 out of 15 papers . so happy im finished tomorrow!!! :)

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