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    Study Snacks and what I need on the day study person

    I'm doing the Junior Cert so soon and I'm slightly freaking out, but alongside some serious cramming, I want to be totally prepared on the day, any ideas for brain-boosting munches and what I need for each exam??

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      bananas are best

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      Bring a blue (or black) and a red pen for every exam. Use red pen for titles of questions etc.

      Bring a calculator for science, maths, business studies, geography and technology (If you do those subjects)

      Bring pencils and colours for Geography (diagrams) and CSPE (poster)

      Bring pencil for Music (if you do music). My teacher says it's best to use pencil for music

      Bring a maths set for maths, geography (diagrams/measuring length) and science (diagrams)

      Since I don't do all the subjects you do, I may have left out some things

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      study person

      Thanks that's brilliant help, yeah my music teacher said the same..stock up on pencils!!

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      Can you write in pencil for all exams??

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      study person

      I think so but for all exams except art, tech graph and music I think they prefer pen...I dont think you're marked down for using pencil though!

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