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    Studying Maths At Higher Level , I Am Failing! tinash

    Hey I am currently studying Maths in higher level and I am failing. The teacher wants me to move to ordinary level but I don't although I keep failing. I get like 4%-30% on my exams. It's really embarrassing. I got a grind teacher who lives down the road from me. I really want to study well and do well. How do ye all study for Maths and know the algebra and the geometry?

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      I study Maths by revising the exercises in the textbook and checking the answers from the back of it. Maybe try watching videos from Khan Academy? The person explains it really well and it might make it easier for you if you understand it a bit better. Good luck!

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      do questions from exam papers because they tell you what sort of questions you can expect in the real exam instead of the ones at the back of the book.

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