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    Studying Techniques kaylahkilmeague

    Hey! I read and read and write it out but for some reason it never sticks. Does anybody have any good studying techniques that they can share? My Christmas exams are coming up and I'm freaking out lol.

    So how do you study and does it work?

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      write down notes on a small sheet of paper (study notes) then read them over and over again, until u know them of by heart

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      Hi kaylahkilmeague, Check out and read the blog titled "How to study for your junior or leaving cert exams" which might help you. Best of luck!

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      hey you are probably thinking right now nothing is going in but I guarentee you if you are reading and reading and writing down notes..the information is going in..and on the day of the exam you will be surprised at what you remember..g luck

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      xX space truck Xx

      i have my christmas exam coming up too but i dont realy care im confident ill pass but what i do to learn things is try to find or make a song about it this might sound stupid but it always works for me and i use it all the time

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      brainstorm key words before you look at a chapter.. it should give you an idea of what you already know so you can concentrate on what you need to study :)

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      Make your own notes that are easier to understand. In many workbooks, definitions may be much more complicated than they need to be. Write out your own definitions in the simplest meanings. You can learn them, not by reading them, but by thinking about them and trying not to forget them. Remember the key words from the definitions too!

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