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    Subject Levels ellafb

    All of the teachers said in March when we picked our levels that you cant under any circumstances anymore drop to pass on the day so everyone made quick decisions in some cases in March when courses weren't finished. I just wonder could I drop on the day if im not confident sitting the higher level paper?

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      Yeah you should be allowed, teachers just say that cause they don't like the hassle. They might not have enough ordinary papers on the day if lots of people drop but they should have one or two extra, so I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed to drop.

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      11ND - CCM

      Apart from the fact that you're not supposed to drop (they might let you though) I would recommend sitting the higher papers. There may some different layouts that you're not familiar with and different courses depending on the subject. Also, by doing ordinary you will rule out the possibility of being able to do higher for your LC which you don't want to do. You've done the work til now, don't just flop on the day ;)

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      In my school we signed department forms on our levels, my year head said we cannot drop levels on the day of our exam because only so many papers are sent out. But im sure they would have an extra paper for you.

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      I'd say don't bother doing ordinary level. As long as you pass the subject, you should be fine and even if you don't, who cares? It's just the JC

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