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    TY Christy

    Hey :) im really stressed out. my mom really doesnt want me to do transition year.

    so i need help from the three sides. those who did, are doing & didnt do transition year. tell me if it was good, worthwhile you would recommend it ... thing like that

    or if you didnt do it: why you didnt, if you regret it, your happy you didnt do it etc

    i need allt he help i can get, every opinion and piece of advice is valued!! thanks

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      11ND - CCM

      I am in TY right now. It's hard to say whether I would recommend it or not. It depends what you want to get out of it.

      There are positives like getting certs or awards if you pass exams like gaisce, hygiene, safe driving. Work experience is also good as long as you do your best to get relevant placements. And for me, I'm looking at doing an extra curricular course placement but that's yet to be confirmed... Also you have your mini-companies, and computer classes etc.

      Then there are the negatives, that in most classes you do very little- and you get bored and lose motivation and work ethic.

      In my school we have to do TY, which isn't all too bad. Another thing to consider is if all the things I mentioned are available or what is.

      It's a food time to develop personal goals as well, like this year I'm looking to put more time into my sport and fitness than I could in third year and that's enjoyable for me.

      Hope this gives some clarity, and I'm sure you'll make a good choice!

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      In my school the TY'S go on lots of trips and put on a school play every year. It would be good fun to do it.

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      In my school TYs don't do much at all and I'm skipping TY because its a waste. I just see them lie about and once in a while they're working. This year they didn't go on a trip abroad, so many just stayed at home or went round town.

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      In my school, TY is made out to be fun and enjoyable (at least that is what the teachers try to do) but this years TY class seem so bored and they dont seem to enjoy it. Last years TY class loved it so it depends whos in your class and whether or not you are going to put in the effort

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