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    TY or 5th Year klq456

    I have to make a decision in five weeks weather or not I should do TY. Any opinions? I am currently leaning towards 5th year.

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      11ND - CCM

      I had a talk earlier on about study skills. It was extremely interesting, by a man called Micheal Bond. But that's beside the point. Although TY is compulsory in our school, he said he'd always recommend TY to students. It's the only year you'll get to develop entrepreneurial skills and learn to lead groups perhaps. This is sound advice, and he knows what he's talking abouts: he's been a teacher/principal/lecturer for 20 years!!

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      Ty apparently takes you out of your studying skills, that's what I've been told...

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      in my opinion you would be better off going straight into 5th year because 1. as Luke said above it is very hard to get back into a routine of studying after TY. However in some schools they still do exams at Christmas and Summer for TY students which would encourage you to keep your previous study routine going, but there is only very few schools that i know of that do Christmas and Summer exams for TY classes which means that it is very easy to loose your study routine and come the start of 5th year it is very hard to get back into the habit of studying because you have been doing almost nothing for 14 months which would be very hard as alot of people find it hard to get back into a routine after the 3 months off during summer . Secondly, I myself skipped TY even though it meant i was only gone 17 doing the leaving because it meant that i would have a year to repeat or to use as a gap year before going to college to possibly get some experience in a work environment and in the real world before going to college which would hugely benefit you as: 1. you get the experience which would look good on your C.V in future years. 2. it allows you earn and save money which could come in handy during college as it can be expensive with fees, ect. if you do not qualify for the SUSI grant

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      11ND - CCM

      If you choose to do TY and then The subject Enterprise (if it's available), should you have any sort of successful business you might be able to make a small sum of money. That isn't why I'd do TY though, it's obviously not going to be enough to go abroad or anything.. But you can make money. I know in my school we have Christmas and summer exams, but regardless whether or not you have exams, you don't NEED. Exams to study. They do provide a tiny bit of encouragement to study but you can study without them.. About the work experience.. I don't know if it's done in all a schools but I do know that everyone does it our school: work experience once a week. This gives you the chance to get experience in a work environment. I know that when my brother's term of 3 months work experience was finished he continued working there in evenings after school and was able to do this because of the small amount of work required in TY, and because it wasn't related to the school, he even got paid for it; More money for you :D

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      I did TY last year, and although at the time I regretted it, I look back now, and am so thankful that I actually did do it. I can honestly say that had I not done TY last year, I would not just have picked a pretty bad combination leaving cert subjects, but also wouldn't have been able to manage the stress, and everything that 5th year brings...

      I can now watch the 6th years as they are already preparing for their mocks, and feel so glad that I am not one of them.

      Its amazing how much a difference just one year can bring!

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      i chose to go to 5th year to ensure i had a "spare" year or possibly 2 as ill be 16 doing my leaving cert so i think its a good idea if u are mature enough and willing to really work!

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      My school made us do TY but to be honest, I don't think many people got anything much out of it in my class. Only people who put the effort in to actually do things in TY will get something out of it. Otherwise you'll spend the year doing nothing and get nothing out of it. I missed a lot of the year cause I was sick quite a lot and I got pretty much nothing from it. Although if your school do things, you can put certain things on your CV like Work Experience, First Aid, Self-Defence or other activities depending on what your school does

      I'm glad I did TY though because if I skipped, I'd be in a different class and I barely know anyone in the year above me so if everyone else is doing TY, you may want to do it too. I mean, doing TY doesn't hurt. Sure, you kinda get out of the studying habit but you should be fine.

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      if you need a break do it but honestly i'm not it sounds cool but its just a waste of time and money as well [no offense to it]

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      If you study hard during TY then you'll get 550-625 guaranteed. However, nobody ever studies during TY...

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      TY is really good. I regret doing 5 th yr because I chose some subjects I don't like and now I hav 2 do them for the LCERT . TY is a good break from study after the JCERT.

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      Depends on your school

      Ask some students in your school who have done TY and see what they think

      Every school has a different TY programme, so it is better to ask people in your own school that others

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      After just finishing TY, I can honestly say it was the best year of my life and i'm so sad to leave it behind!

      I have learned so much this year, things about myself and skills that i'll take with me in the future.

      We were put out of our comfort zones at the beginning of the year being split from our friends, but this encouraged us to make new friends. I am so much closer with the girls in my year and now we all get on great.

      I had the opportunity to go on 2 work placements which really helped career wise.

      This year i've had the chance to learn first aid, self defence, be a young social innovator, complete the Gaisce award, learn IT skills, guitar, try out new subjects and go on trips with all of my friends. We did so much and it was definitely well worth doing. I gained confidence this year, the one goal i wanted to achieve!

      If you do TY remember, 'What you put into it is what you'll get out of it'

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      John smith234

      I recommend skipping 4th year... its not worth wasting a year. It can have a really bad effect when you finish your leaving cert and dont get what you need because you would have to repeat so thats 2 years that would be lost unnecessarily. I skipped ty and im doing my LC soon,it really flew in.

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      i just finished ty and in 3rd i wanted to go straight to 5th year but really to be honest its the greatest experience you will atually really enjoy it well i did😊 it one of the best years and i will never forget it. i did things i never though id do. and again as people has said what you put in is what you get. i do recommed doing it and yes during the year your concentration might be gone but after christmas its back to work, study and homework🙂

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      and also you get a head start on irish,maths,english french/german🙂

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