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    Too late to start studying? emma1808

    Hi guys! I said at the start of the year that I'd start studying straight away for the JC, but as usual I haven't done much and now I am feeling bogged down by the amount ahead of me! I go to afterschool study until 6pm, but barely get my homework done, so I don't have time to do study and when I go home I just can't motivate myself. Do you think I'll be ok if I start studying after Christmas or have I left it too late? (Sorry it's so long!)

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      Don't worry too much, just make sure you do start to work when you say you will :) When I was in third year, I studied over Christmas and got second sets of exam papers for alot of subjects from my teachers, I found practice was the best comfort and got good grades in honours subjects, keep going and you'll be ok, one step at a time :)

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      maybe do your study at afterschool study then do your homework at home that way you have to do work at home.

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      Thanks a mill lads! How long did/do you spend studying each day? :)

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