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    Advise for 3rd Year roro123

    I'm going into 3rd year this year and I need advice! When should I start studying, and what should I study (like when should I revise 1st year stuff, and 2nd year stuff etc)? How many topics should I study a night? Should I study the 3rd year work as I'm study 1st or 2nd year work? How long is it necessary to study for a day and at weekends? I know that people say the junior cert means nothing, but I would like to do well for myself anyway. I would be hoping to do well- I got all A's in my summer exams- so I would be aiming for similar in the JC.

    PS please don't say something like "you should be enjoying your summer"- I am- obviously I haven't touched a book all summer- but I'm just curious about 3rd year


    Please don't say "the junior cert is pointless" or whatever- as I said, I would like to do well for myself if nothing else!


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