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After the exams
ec2406 The Junior Cert — 23/06/16 3

With most of us being finished or nearly finished now I just should say something about what can be observed on discussions here. Just saying that you should all avoid dissecting the exam and asking what everyone else got after the exams. I don't understand why people feel the need to do this. It's over and done with now and you need to either move onto your next exam or, if you're finished, just enjoy the fact that you're on your holidays and finished the JC for good. If anything, it'll just frustrate you when you realise you got a different answer than someone else. However, hope everyone's JC went well and you have a good summer. Many people doing TY?

ug_roland2504 — 22/06/16
Say this to the leaving cert students all they do in discussions is dissect the exams they just did
ec2406 — 22/06/16
I know right haha By the way, just after realising you're the same person I was talking to in the other thread. Apologies, didn't want to come across as harsh or anything. I usually avoid those kind of threads but just wanted to save people from the stress of dissecting exams- especially considering it's only the JC, it's not like we need the grades to get into college or anything.
ug_roland2504 — 23/06/16
Its alri enjoy your summer
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