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    Anyone else on the verge of giving up? EH458

    Just so fed up of the whole thing, the mocks took the life out of me and my average was a low B ranging from C's to A's and honestly I just couldn't give a _ anymore... Anyone else? Like I actually couldn't be bothered, I'm in all HL subjects and I'm completely done with it

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      no, I'm still working but basically everyone that's gonna fail sleeps in study

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      Yes I am. I don't give a shit what I get at this stage. I get an F, so what? I get an A, so what? I get a B, so what? I took the risk on a big test.

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      @syranbruen, really? You don't seem like that at all 🤔 I haven't fully given up yet but it's just so hard, I want to do well and I want to be happy with my results in September.. I don't want to be unhappy while everyone else is celebrating but I actually just can't do this anymore

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      The junior cert dosent matter at all its the effort that counts and you will be rewarded for that, it just helps you to get used of big exams. The mocks are way harder than the real thing so I'm sure you'll do well best of luck :)

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      In two and a bit weeks' time it'll all be over, I'm just trying to cram until then

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      Just work for the next 3 weeks and then you have the whole of summer off and if you end up doing 4th year then that will be much easier and more enjoyable

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      It's the junior cert, go to the beach

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      I'm not bothered either

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      I'm doing all higher subjects as well and it is tough but remember that theres only 4/5 days left, 8 days of exams and 2 whole months of summer to either..

      ) feel guilty that you didn't bother studying and dread getting your results, or

      ) feelglad that you put the work in when you could even if it is completely cramming now (me), and look forward to getting your results rather than dreading it,

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      the JC is the super-hyped pre-leaving cert! it honestly doesn't matter, if you've done the work in the year, u'll b fine! my biggest stresser is everyone running about panicking. just look forward to summer , and if ur doing it, TY !

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      Yeah it really doesn't matter whatsoever lol.

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