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    Guys I don't understand the still life shizz. Like if the model is looking left does that mean when we are drawing it on the paper it looks like the right??????? HELP PLEASE

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      I looked at your question and was like what?? but I think I know what you mean.Okay so you are drawing your model and it's facing left.So when you draw the model on your page the model's head is facing on your right side.Yes that is correct.As if I was looking at your drawing I can see the model's head facing my right side.Where if I put myself in the model's shoes I am clearly facing left.So yes you are correct.

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      Thanks that had confused me yesterday, my life drawing went horrible but my object drawing was grand

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      I'm sure you did fine.As long as you have gotten the full figure on the page and the anatomical proportions are correct you should be getting most of your marks.With life sketching they tend to focus on just seeing if you have the full figure for the first sketch and then they look into details on the second longer sketch.It's very difficult to fail Art as a subject.If you know your art history well and your craftwork is good.You should be getting a high grade.

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