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    Best approach for Junior Cert year? A-123St

    Wondering what my approach should be for the Junior Cert starting off - any advice from people who've done it? Aiming for high grades (most to all As hopefully) in 11-12 subjects and I'm a bit confused about what to do. I know I don't have to slave away 24/7, but the recommended study time is 2.5-3 hours (in my school anyway), even though I got all As in my second year summer exams by doing nowhere near that. Not sure when to start or for how long or anything really.

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      I just did mine in June and I helped students throughout the year despite I hadn't even done mine yet and everybody here thinks that I have given great notes, advice, timetables etc.

      I did not depend my study on "time", I depended on the number of subjects and chapters in the subjects. So if I'm done like one chapter / topic of one subject and a chapter / topic of another subject then there's my daily study. Up to Junior Cert time like March-May and early June, I add more and more subjects into one night so I'll be ready for the exam.

      Christmas and Summer exams are only made to show how much good work you have done during the year. They do not matter whatsoever towards your Junior Cert - however, some schools may take these exams for based on what levels you will do - no the mocks are designed to do that (it's silly if schools do this which mine did).

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      I will still be working to help students on this forum as I did during the previous year but I'll primarily be here posting notes / advice etc on my own forum:

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      Thanks! When did you start studying?

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      August - as soon as I came back in 3rd year. The sooner, the better. Before your mocks, it's just basic study, get Christmas exams out of the way and learn what you need to learn for them. The mocks are hard but even with your knowledge of the subjects without basic study, you will at least pass or honour them. The mocks are worth nothing though, so don't do a huge amount of study for them. After the mocks or March-May time, really get studying as you want your Junior Cert results to be good.

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