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    Can Anything Be Done? Suitcasey114

    I had my music practical on Monday,but only realised that night I wrote the wrong exam number on the sheet.I told my teacher the next day,and he says I should be OK,as the examiner is coming back again next week for anyone who didn't get done on Monday.But I finished all my things on Monday,so is there any chance the examiner would still have my sheet and could fix it?

    The only thing I have going for me is the fact that in a case of an exam number being 12345 , I wrote it as 82345,and everyone in the year has the same first two numbers,so she may have noticed something,but I'm still absolutely shaking

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      DO NOT worry about it. there is a 99.9999999999% chance of her having it as she may keep all the people frm ur schools one in one folder. my teacher is a music examiner and he keeps thm all in one folder.if u panic nothing will b solved so pls dont worry

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      Thanks,this has eased me a bit,but I'm still a bit scared.At least I know I won't forget it again!

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      Out of interest,if it were to be sent off,would there still be a chance of writing a letter or something,given there was more information,such as name and school number on it?

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      if u feel like it would set u at more ease thn do cus u wudnt want to be worried about it for the rest of the summer

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