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    Career Guidance mollie_kelly99

    Is Career Guidance an exam subject?

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      oh my god what??? I think it is!! I haven't studied :0

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      Phoebe Shortall

      I'm pretty sure it is, we do it in my school and the teachers quite strict and serious about it..

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      Oh no, I haven't even started studying. What questions come up?

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      Phoebe Shortall

      Like questions on how many times you can say 'em' in class or how confused can you make a class maybe? If you ask me I think its my weakest subject.. Im not looking forward to it!!

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      oh, I don't know any of those answers........ I think might fail, but it's okay I'll get a C in CSPE.

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      ive just asked a friend and she showed me her exam papers! Questions on keeping quiet and relaxing mostly.

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      omg im so worried I haven't studied! mollie_kelly99 where do you live? we should meet up and do a session..

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      @treasa_moloney where did your friend get the exam papers?

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      the emotional and physical side effects of stress

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      That's a really great idea Threase, I live in a rural part of wesht Clare.

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      ammm.... @mollie_kelly99 I don't know.. you could come to my house and ill show you

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      @ellagranville could you give me list of those please?

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      Phoebe Shortall

      Guys, relax! I have some great ways of de-stressing. For example - have a laugh with some friends, take a ride, watch a movie or take a bath. And remember if you get thrush, its probably stress related! Best of luck lads!

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      Thrush? any suggestions for a treatment @PhoebeShortall ?

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      a bit of natural yougurt will do the job i'd say

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      I have natural yougurt at my house

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      Phoebe Shortall

      God now mollie_kelly99 I'm not sure, there is a special cream you can get ask. You should ask my friend who sits beside me in class, she had a nasty case of it a few years back. The poor crater, she's been scarred ever since! Just be sure to wash daily as well. If you have any troubles, I'm always here!

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      Phoebe Shortall

      great idea treasa_moloney! Personally I find Glenisk to be the best, all those live cultures and bacteria just have to be marvellous for a nasty case of thrush!

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      @treasa_moloney can I come over to yours so? Thanks Phoebe, that's really helpful, I'll say a few prayers for your friend.

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      @mollie_kelly99 yeah ill send my friend to pick you up. he has a van.

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      Sorted, does Saturday suit. I want to nip this in the bud

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      ok. just don't bring your phone theres no reception where I live. perhaps don't tell your mom either , it may be kind of embarrassing that you haven't studied. you don't want to disappoint her.

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      Great idea Treasa. You seem so nice!

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      No problem mollie, just want to help. so what do you look like? do you have any other friends?

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      Phoebe Shortall

      Guys there is no point in stressing now. Studies have shown that 90% of students that haven't started studying yet, will in fact, never start... but wait, LIES, LIES, LIES AND DAMN STATISTICS. That's my life motto right there.

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      Will I send a pic @Treasa_moloney? I can bring my friend, i think she needs youghurt too.

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      @mollie_kelly99 maybe you should send me a picture of the infected area so i can prepare

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      theres loads of yoghurt in the fridge at my school. my maths teacher could bring it up for yous???

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      is it natural tho? it wont have the same effect if it's not

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      That's so helpful Cara, thank you. Banana is supposed to work though Ella.

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