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    Christmas revision nms2001

    Hi, I was wondering how long I should study every day during Christmas I am a third year student and my pres are on in mid February, I have been studying since September also.

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      I'd say study for at least an hour everyday and you'll be grand since you have been studying since September

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      Thank you very much @sryanbruen

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      Pick 6 days out of your Christmas holidays and study 5 hours per day

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      No don't ^

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      That will stress you

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      did you say third year?, if so, don't study

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      That makes no sense whatsoever ^

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      last year, i did the junior cert and i studied from the 27th to the 30th and the 2nd to the 4th, which were like half the holidays and for each day i did about 6 hours. in maths we were behind, so i did intense revision probably about 8-10 hours on those days. i did reasonably well in the junior cert (8As and 2Bs in honours everything) and i can really only recommend you to do a lot of study as the pres and orals are coming up and you want to reduce stress coming up to these. also if you get notes done, instead of doing ones for your junior cert, in april-may youll find previously done notes which will reduce stress again

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      One final thing I can say ^ is that everybody is different and I recommend you to try each of these periods and see which is most relaxing and suited to you. I say "relaxing" because some study periods depending on length can be very stressing. If I do granners' one for example, I stress, so I do an hour every day. So at least try each of them! That's my closing for this thread.....

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