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    christmas study Whitestar

    hi, I've done no study so far and I'm gonna try to get some done at Christmas break so how much[ in chapters] should I study/gt done....thnx

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      What year are you in?

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      OK, so a student in third year should spent approx. 2.5 - 3 hours studying every day.

      Start with your hardest subject e.g. I find geography the hardest so i would start with geography. After 30 mins of studying, take a break and then switch to another subject e.g a subject that you find easy. after 30 mins you take a break and then you repeat the whole process over again.

      Create a timetable that suits you and try and stick to it. Also be flexible- adapt your timetable if something unplanned comes up. Reschedule the missed hours.

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      hope this helps!!

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