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    Do I have any hope? sarahk123

    Im seriously finding it really hard to study at the moment in my mocks my results were:

    Music 72%

    maths (ol) 48%

    History 30%

    geography 41%

    english 41%

    home ec 45%

    irish 51%

    science 40%

    cspw $6%

    do i have any hope???????????????????

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      If you're finding History that hard then why not do OL? It is much less stressful. I used to do HL but then I dropped to OL and on my mock I got 81% (OL) and I'm glad I did drop because I have no interest in History whatsoever. For OL History, there is not much you need to know, it is too easy which is why I'd advise you to do it. Geography I'd advise you to do the same (though I do HL). However, there is not much difference between Geography OL and HL - so not much difference there. If you see my threads in the Irish forum on this, you can bring that Irish mark much higher - keep doing HL! For Science, it's all about answering exam questions, there's no better way of studying it. English is very subjective but for the study of studied literature (poem, short story, novel etc), you practice different exam questions as well as for the poetry one, you look through the papers and see how often you can fit the same poem into the question! Make sure you answer comprehension questions using the PQE method always! For functional writing, make sure you know the layouts for different types of writing. For Maths just like Science, all you can do is practice exam questions - you really need to get your act together - considering it's OL you're doing. Home Economics I can't help you with sorry cause I don't do it. Music, I needn't worry about because that's a good result. CSPE - what's the $ represent sorry?

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      Firstly, for CSPE and Science, you can get much higher if you do well at the coursework. But everything else, I'd say do exam questions. Learning everything from exam papers is the best way to study at this point in the year. Science, Maths etc are impossible to predict what will come up but History is very predictable for Q4-6 if you look at what has come up the last few years

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      Thanks so much for replying to help me , in Cspe 46 was my grade without the action project , I am

      Doing pass history but still really struggling

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      Well for CSPE...

      Section 1 is worth 18 marks. This is the only question that requires factual information. Learning the ministers or other political people is also important

      Section 2 is worth 42 marks. Half of the marks can be obtained straight from the source paper. Make sure not to lose any marks there. The rest of the marks require your own response. These questions are fairly hard

      Section 3 is worth 20 marks. Practising these questions and knowing how to draw posters helps. Make sure to use a slogan with your poster

      For History,

      -The Document Question allows you to get 11/15 just from taking answers straight from the Documents

      -The Picture Question may also allow you to get easy marks

      -The Source Question also allows you to get some marks just from taking answers straight from the Source

      -For Short Questions, answer as many questions as you can. The best 10 are marked

      Btw, were you doing Pass History when you got 30% in History or were you doing Higher level at that time?

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      Okay! Thanks so much for the help I was doing higher level that time !

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      yes m8 hold in there and make some dolla

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      Just start clenching

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      It's only the Junior cert

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      John smith234

      3 things you should know 1, Percentages wont show on the paper so if you got 55% in science for example it would show up as a C the same as if you got as much as 69% so it will look alot better than your mocks because will think you were on the higher end of the grades. 2.The exams are marked way easier in the real thing than in the mocks. 3.The junior cert is actually so pointless that no one ever talks about it once your done, it means nothing as it has no role in getting you a job or college place. Even if you got got a f on everything nothing bad would happen to you. But something to remember is that if you were to do poorly in the junior cert it would give you a indicator that you will likely follow down the same path for the leaving cert.Take it seriously but dont get stressed out because it really doesnt matter in the end.

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