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    Do I Have Enough Time fire

    So there is only 2 months until the Junior Cert and I have not studied at all. I did well in my mocks even getting a few As and nothing under 60%. I was wondering if I start studying everyday from now will I be able to get As in everything. Can anyone who has already done there Junior Cert give me tips on how to get As and Do you think I have enough time to get them.

    If you got As in the Junior Cert can you tell me how much study you did? when you started studying? and what are the key things to remember when doing the Junior Cert?


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      they always say the mocks are harder so just say you werent happy with a result dont worry the JC will bring up the marks

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      You got pretty decent grades in the mocks just revise every weekend that's what I'm doing until Easter, because I'm pretty busy and then since the orals aare over you can really focus every night on doing a few exam questions and learning off definitions

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      Even though this is for Leaving Cert, it's the same concept. Hope this thread helps you out and good luck!

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