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    ENGLISH Chidudemon56

    I have my mocks next week an im just wondering is there any good website where I could learn new and more interesting words faster.... Im also wondering how to reduce the spelling and punctuation mistakes while im writing.

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      Well I think you should have time to look back over your answers in the exam. When you're looking back over them, make sure to notice any

      (i) Spelling/grammar mistakes.

      (ii) Replace certain words with smarter words -> Replace 'sad' with 'heartbroken', 'miserable', 'depressed' etc. Look up synonyms on the internet for better words to use

      (iii) Replace certain sentences with smarter sentences e.g She went to school -> She was awoken early in the morning for school

      (iv) Check if you have answered what the question was asking you to do. You get a lot of points simply by answering the question so it's very important not to go off topic

      Idk of any particular website you should use but just looking up "synonyms for ..." and find the best words to use instead of basic words like sad/happy/good/bad.

      Make sure not to leave the exam early or just sit there doing nothing if you're finished. Keep reading over your answers if you have time

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      what I do every night is pick out a word from a thesaurus and then write down more "improved" words eg as in the above example "sad"-------> "heartbroken" "depressed" etc

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