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    English result nms2001

    In my mocks, I got 9 As and a C in English(67%) that was lowest I have ever received in English, I really don't want to get a C in my junior cert, I was wondering should I consider grinds or not? Does anyone have any tips as to how to improve my grade?

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      practice as much as you can with all questions and learn all relevant quotes for your play and poetry. I got a C for English too in my mocks last year but in the junior cert I got an A. In the exam try to write down everything you know about the subject matter you are focusing on. I think a lot of people struggle to put down everything they know and end up getting a lesser grade than all the work they put into their study. That's what I realized when I did my mocks. Hope that helps!

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      Thanks so much!!

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      your welcome! There is still hope in you getting an "A" don't worry.

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      No I wouldn't get grinds!! Did you really study for it?? If you just put more work into your studied section, learn quotes! I'm doing to kill a mocking bird for my studied novel and I'm actually reading the novel again so I remember more quotes!! Do past exam questions on the studied section and write a list of feelings and themes in what you have studied! Learn media studies definitions and practise essay writing techniques!! You could definitely get an a in English if you put the work in good luck!!

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