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    Getting nervous sarah22

    I only finished school on Tuesday & I have been having extra classes like 3 hours maths & history which has completely worn me out & not helped me to do study! I'm generally okay with subjects but I'm just getting nervous now because I haven't done much study & I don't know how to fit in 10 subjects within a few days! Can anyone help with study tips? Oh yeah does anyone have any predictions?

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      I only finished school on Wednesday,i am still a bit nervous but if i feel stressed i relax and take deep breaths also remember to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water.Study in short burst of time around 40 minutes and take a 10 minute break.My predictions for Geography are Rivers,Migration, Population Density,Earthquakes,Population Prymaids and Urbanisation in Dublin.My predictions for Home Ec are Milk,Budgeting,Skin,Packaging and Care Labels.You can use your exam papers to revise that is what i am doing for all subjects.I am nearly halfway through some exam papers. Hope I helped

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      i advise going over exam papers religiously at this late stage, at first with the book and then without. this way youll get into an exam rhythm and maybe develop predictions of your own. skip 2014 to save time as they arent likely to repeat exact questions every year

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      Thanks so much! :)

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