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Havent started studying
sarahk123 The Junior Cert — 11/06/16 5

Any good ways to soak up 3 years work in 3 days????/

Idk I haven't started either. What's the point? The JC means nothing.
Benmartin — 05/06/16
thats not a very good outlook towards the exams
— 09/06/16
both points above make sense, as it is technically the super-hyped pre-leaving cert! look through sample answers, and revise anything you are unsure on. look through exams papers, brainstorm long qs. i did the whole science exam book, and i feel i know a lot more!
SweatyBollox — 09/06/16
Maybe by spelling "Haven't" right ��
Moon — 11/06/16
Benmartin,the Junior Cert doesn't matter whatsoever.It doesn't affect anything.
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