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    home-work at school ag2000

    I am getting so much homework lately and have so much on after school. i try and do a little homework at school so i have more time to study at home. is this a good idea? am i actually learning?

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      same here!! im doing my junior cert and im going out of my mind cause i never get a chance to study!! it depends, if your doing it in class, definitely not as you wont be listening to your teacher, if its at lunch or in a study class, yeah i guess you would be learning :) the more time you spend on study the better :)

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      Okay thanks. @callan7. I am doing it at lunch in the libary with a few of my mates. I am doing jc course too and i get so much homework. It's not fair. And we have test starting Monday. I'm not looking forward to them. I have studied a little I prep. But no one likes tests.

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      yeah i no :( i had about 4 tests this week and another 8 next week including an oral!! well we'll get through it ;) only 7 months and itll be all over :)

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      I do that to! I don't think it's a bad Idea but as long as your learning something somehow :)

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