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How did ye find science?
Beachy123 The Junior Cert — 17/06/16 7

The exp were evaporation right? :'/

rwa1 — 16/06/16
giftasin2015 — 16/06/16
No I think it was filtration but you may still get some marks tho but don't get stressed about it
ec2406 — 16/06/16
It was distillation. Did evaporation first though and realised you needed to obtain the actual water so had to rub it out haha. Don't worry about it though cause you'll still get some of the marks.
belle1234 — 16/06/16
It was distillation but seemly you'll get 3/4 of the marks
rwa1 — 17/06/16
No it was not filtration as it was dissolved salt in sald water so thereforee its distillation
Gatehouse — 17/06/16
did everyone find it easy or did they like me find some bits easy and some hard
SryanBruen — 17/06/16
What Gatehouse thought of it is my opinion ^
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