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How much study to do for junior cert
Elisha447 The Junior Cert — 31/05/16 5

With 18 days left im Just wondering how much study should I be doing?? I'm doing all higher level. At the moment I do about an hour and a half after homework on weekdays and about 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday.. But I still feel so unprepared!! Any advice??

donatus_nweke — 21/05/16
Just chill and don't worry
EH458 — 30/05/16
That's plenty I've been doing similar and although I'm still really really nervous I feel like I'm as ready as I'll ever be, good luck!
SryanBruen — 30/05/16
That's well enough. Just chill. Do not worry! I'm certain you will do good.
I haven't even started yet and I have 7 days to go.
comet7852 — 31/05/16
Study what you don't know in subjects Go to the contents page and make a list for each subject for "what I know" and "what I need to study " Focus on the "need to study" section and you should get it done in the time we have left Good luck ^^
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