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    How to stay calm in an exam??Desperately need help Lilyamelia

    Hi, I had my maths summer exam (2nd year) a few days ago and I went into panic mode the moment I saw the first question, i nearly started crying and i was pulling my hair out trying to firgure out and rememeber how to do it. Im not even joking. I spent half of my time in the exam staring at the first 2 questions, if im very lucky Ill get a B because I ran out of time and left the last 3 sums blank, so I would love if you could tell me how to walk into an exam, be calm and confident and not worry, even if you dont know how to do it. Please write soon, im really worried something loke this will happen in my junior or leaving cert. thanks in advance

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      breath slowly and think about the question. read it and highlight essential words. it will slowly come back to you and just remember in a couple of years you ll be in a completely different place and probably won't remember the moment. ;]

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      Thank you for replying :-)

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      It's a good idea to have a look at the paper when it's handed out. It's normal to feel some stress at this point. Then turn the paper over and take slow deep breaths for 30 seconds and then reread. Breathing slowly forces you to calm. The questions should look a bit better then. Also read this post

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      Befpre you go into the exam practice the questions so well that you are bored of them and you can do them at ease. Even make flashcards with information. Even if you know some of the info off by heart, you will feel much better. Confidence is key in exams. If you get something right in the exam, praise yourself and you will be more relaxed

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      Just remember to breathe and do NOT cram loads of information in the night before or that morning. Study reasonable amounts and don't stay up till all hours because you will just forget it the next morning and panic.

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      Thank you soooo much for all your advice :-)

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      Turns out I got a C in that test :-( very unhappy

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      When you open a paper of an exam & literally can't remember/do a few questions, skip them & come back! You're wasting your time looking at them trying to remember, do the questions you're good at/like first & then come back to the harder ones! Just remember no attempt=0 marks, always put down something even if you think it's the most stupid answer ever! You will get attempt marks :) a C isn't bad, that's still an honour! You will improve anyway the more you practice questions :) don't worry! :)

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