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    How to study during the Easter Elisha447

    Does anyone have advice on how to study during the Easter.

    So far all I have done is a bit of history and geography!!

    I'm just not good at studying, I think I study better at night. Does anyone have any study plans, I'm struggling with nearly every subject except for English and geography they are my best.

    I really want to do well but I get distracted!!

    Any help please??

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      For non-language related subjects except English, all you can really do is practice exam questions! I can give you some on particular topics or subjects if you would like (just tell me what you want...).

      For languages, practice reading comprehensions and list 5 new words from each one then find the translation. Learn about 20 at a time then test yourself on them by putting your hard on the translation of the word whether it's the language or English - you choose! If you want grammar related exercises, I can give you some - grammar is very important in languages with Irish in particular. 90% of the marks on the Irish essay or story goes for accurate grammar!

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      For Science I got the less stress more success book and I make flash cards and put them in envelopes. I hand them to whoever said at home and ask them to choose an envelope and get them to test me. I have like 6 facts per flash card

      For History I have a separate copy that I write all my people in histories in and I learn from the less stress more success book

      For Irish I have the revise wise and it's saved me!!! I failed my Irish pre and I'm studying y ass off in Irish and I think I could get a c or a b which I'm delighted with! It has key quotes and phrases for stories letters and listening exam

      Geography I find. Hard to study and same with German

      For business I just get the book and read read read until it sticks. For accounts I need help so I ask my sister to run it through so I can take notes and watch her do it

      Everything else is just rewriting for me.

      Hope that helped xxx

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      I have Revisewise Irish and Less Stress More Success Irish - it's better to have both as they have different stories you can learn phrases from.

      I used to do flash cards but they don't work at all for me - so give them a shot, they just don't work for me!

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      Oh let me rephrase that "so give them a shot, it depends on who you are I guess".

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      Thank you both :) really helpful!! I have the revison books too I just never use them! And I will try the flash cards! Ya could I have some

      Grammar exercises for Irish please?!

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      Here's my Irish Grammar revision for you consisting of plenty of exercises!!!

      attachment Sryan Bruen's Irish Grammar.docx

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      Do not mind the studied poetry at the end hahaha

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      No bother! SryanBruen is right though it really depends on the person for flash cards xx hopefully they'll help you!

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      For vocabulary in Irish, you don't need to do the comprehensions thing, you could go here daily:

      Learn 1 list per day!

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