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    How to study for the JC exams A-123St

    Hi everyone,

    I've been trying to get into a study routine for the JC recently and I was wondering what techniques you guys have found helpful. I was thinking of mainly taking notes, making flashcards and then practising exam questions, but I'm not sure if my notes/flashcards are too long and cumbersome. Any advice would be appreciated :)

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      use exam papers and the book

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      @Charles_5165 use the book as in what? Taking notes?

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      yep taking notes from and doing exam questions as they are similar from year to year

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      If you get plenty of notes taken down in class (and update them at the end of each chapter), especially with a subject like geography, you're flying it.

      Doing past exam paper questions is another of your best friends. this prepares you properly for the exact wording of questions in the actual exams

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      You can use my chapter summary page too. Only Wednesday afternoon I launched them at a Seminar for Representatives of Literacy Committees in all secondary schools in Waterford city and county. I made them myself

      attachment chapter summary page.docx

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