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Clara doran The Junior Cert — 08/11/16 4

Hi, I'm planning to sit the HPAT in Feb and I have got the medentry course. Does anyone have any guidelines for studying it? When should I start?

Clara doran — 08/11/16
This wasn't meant to be posted in the Junior Cert forum
emilypettersen — 08/11/16
You should start studying pretty much now as soon as possible. All you can do to prepare is practise, so do drills as often as possible and I try to do a practise exam every weekend or every second weekend. ALWAYS CORRECT THE QUESTION. It's the most annoying part and it'll take you ages but it's the most important part
Clara doran — 08/11/16
ailbhe healy — 08/11/16
when is the cut off for entry?
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