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    I have Christmas Exams.... naxmax9

    Since there is a strike next week do I miss every single exam?

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      Because we have exams next week.

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      Well if theres no school, theres no exams but theyll probably make you do them another week so make sure you're still prepared for them.

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      I already explained the strikes to you in another thread so I won't go into that here. You'd be better off asking a teacher or someone from your school, since none of us can know for sure what they'll decide to do. They could reschedule them, they could leave it up to each individual teacher, or they could cancel them. We don't know. BUT, regardless of what happens, be prepared for the exams and revise the topics you've done. As you know, even if you don't have Christmas exams this time round, you'll be tested on those topics in the Junior Cert. I actually missed my 3rd year Christmas-style exams (we had them in October) due to illness, and I'm stressed out because I never did an ounce of revision on the topics that the rest of my classmates were tested on, so I have even more work to do.

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