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    I haven't started to study yet. What should I do? ec2406

    In the mocks I got 6 As 2 Bs and 2 Cs by cramming the night before- which is what I've always done for house exams and still got mostly As. I do my homework to a high standard (and I always have) and I take advantage of the revision that the teachers are doing in class right now. My 2 Cs were English and Home Ec - would anyone have any advice on these two subjects in particular? English is honestly just timing (which I seem to be improving on with practice) and Home Ec is both because I haven't been revising due to project and practical work and because our teacher is an extremely tough marker.

    Along with those two subjects, how can I make these next 5 weeks as effective as possible? I'll cram what can be learned off in certain subjects the night before, but particularly English, Home Ec. and French need to be revised and practiced effectively for me for this next month.

    Thanks :)

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      the jc doesnt mean anything dont stress

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      Stop cramming and learn the stuff over the next month..

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