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    If you do ordinary subject for jc can u do higher in lc?? Elisha447

    I don't do any ordinary subjects in junior cert but I'm just wondering if I dropped to ordinary say maybe French could I do higher French in lc?

    I'm not planning to drop I'm just wondering :)

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      No this is really not a good idea - sometimes students try to do this and end up just dropping back down to ordinary level a few weeks/months after working hard to catch up to higher level standard. Essentially, it just wastes some students time.. So if you really want to do HL at LC stick to HL at JC!

      Best of luck! :)

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      Majority of schools would not let you unless the teacher can see you are really good at the subject and want you to go to higher level. In all honesty there is no point in dropping down in French as it is litreally the same thing , only difference is , is that the ordinary level have options and get to answer some stuff in English.

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      its not a good idea, but people in my year came from pass to honour on the firs day of 5th year and are still in higher level up to now at the end of 6th year, but they are struggling, dont drop unless you feel its necessary

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